El Remanso

Matapalo, Osa Peninsula

El Remanso is set on the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula, in all its wild glory. Think tropical rainforest, raw nature with modern comforts, and black sand beaches. Suspension bridges connect the property´s extensive trails above the rainforest canopy, home to monkeys, toucans, and scarlet macaws.

Accommodations are 100% solar powered and designed to feel submerged in the jungle, adding a sense of privacy. Teak structural details complement a minimal fresh aesthetic created with muted colors and designer furniture, while sun terraces (some with plunge pools and outdoor showers) offer views of dense rainforest, wildlife corridors, or the shimmering Pacific Ocean.

Ideal For: secluded stay, untouched nature, wildlife experiences

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We loved feeling immersed in an area of pristine nature, staying in modern guest rooms nestled within a maze of trees and vines. Walk down trails early morning to arrive at untouched wild beaches lined with rainforest, where it will just be you, turtle tracks, and birds. To be able to stroll on the sand in such an unreal setting with nobody else around is a gift.

El Remanso Rainforest Lodge operates on 100% renewable energy, generating electricity and hot water with the property´s own hydroelectric system and solar panels. Ask for a sustainability tour to see behind the scenes at the lodge!

All the hotel´s staff and management roles are filled by people who grew up in town or nearby, positively impacting local families and residents. El Remanso supports the Community Center in Puerto Jimenez and other ASCONA projects, which include environmental education at schools, beach cleanings, and quarterly cultural festivals.

Onsite, multiple responsible practices are in place, including a strict waste management process that follows the “three Rs”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Non-cooked organic waste is reused as compost in the garden, cooked waste goes to nearby farms to feed the pigs, responsible water use is monitored, and building work is completed with low impact foundations and structures.

Additionally, the property is free from single-use plastic and plastic straws, pesticides and herbicides are avoided, and all cleaning products, laundry detergents, soaps and shampoos are certified as biodegradable.

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