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At Journey Costa Rica, we´re constantly seeking dynamic and passionate individuals that share our love for travel to become part of our growing team. Our mission is to transform our travelers’ dreams into tangible experiences, meticulously attending to every detail, delivering exceptional service, and consistently uncovering exciting travel prospects. We take a sustainable approach to our operations, with deep roots in giving back to local communities and taking a proactive role in environmental conservation. With us, the possibilities are boundless, and the sky is merely a starting point on our incredible journey.
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  • Work Remotely
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Exploration

Journey Costa Rica´s dynamic working environment fosters creativity, excellence and fast learning, where professional and personal growth are key components. We believe in creating teams that support each other! Our fast growing, innovative company strives to be a leader in sustainable travel and an inspiration to companies around the world. 

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One of the perks of being part of our team is the freedom to work from any corner of beautiful Costa Rica. We also embrace the importance of staying connected with each other and make a point of coming together in person every month. Whether it’s through our company retreats or exciting travels, we believe that genuine human connection is vital for fostering a strong and supportive team spirit.
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Journey Costa Rica has a strong commitment to protecting the environment, local culture, and communities. We seek to make a positive impact at all levels of operation, from our colleagues to our suppliers to our guests. We´re proud to partner with the Bosque Vivo Foundation and contribute a conservation fee, which goes to directly support their reforestation and environmental education projects.  

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At Journey Costa Rica, we’re all about authenticity and firsthand knowledge, placing immense value on relentless exploration. We believe that the best way to provide our clients with exceptional experiences is by truly knowing the places and activities we recommend. Our team embarks on regular trips to immerse themselves in all Costa Rica has to offer, from hotel check-ups to places and activities to sustainability focused meetups to participate in the change for good. We believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best travel experiences.
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Available Positions

Sales assistant 

Purpose of Position

· To provide assistance and support to the team of travel planners throughout the itinerary planning process.

Principal Duties

· Work in conjunction with the sales team to search for availability with hotels and service suppliers.

· Support the sales team in reviewing and correcting proposal documents.

· Check online rates of hotels to confirm proposal pricing is correct.

· Collaborate with the Operations team to align sales quotes and operational delivery.


Internal: Journey Costa Rica Office Staff.
External: Journey Costa Rica Office Staff.

Qualification and/or Experience

· Excellent communication skills in Spanish and English both written and spoken.
· Experience with Microsoft 365.
· Background in travel is welcome but not necessary.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


Purpose of Position

· To ensure near flawless execution of all trips

Principal Duties

· (85%) Operations: To provide operations support for set departures, groups and custom trips: Review itineraries prepared by sales, recommend changes as need be. Communicate with sales and Operations Manager about services booked if needed. Confirm and coordinate all ground services for itineraries: including guides, transport, hospitality and tours. Once reservations are confirmed, create operational documents, manage trip preparation and communication with scheduled guides to ensure they have all info required prior to trip. Manage the trip as it is executed and serve as primary in country contact for clients while they are on trips and resolve any customer service issues in the field. UPSELL: Offer and provide additional services as needed. Provide Sales and Operations Manager with post trip report for trouble shooting. Provide accounting with trip expense reports and receipts as needed.

· (15%) Relationship Management: To work closely with sales and operations in a communicative way that ensure smooth team relationships. To identify and maintain an active roster of high quality professional guides/suppliers throughout Costa Rica. To maintain relationships and solicit new net contracts with vendors, including hotels, vehicle rental, guides, equipment rental, other operators, other related service providers throughout Costa Rica.


Internal: Journey Costa Rica.
External: Clients , Travel Agents, Vendors, Guides and JCR Partners.

Qualification and/or Experience

· Minimum 3-5 years experience in travel industry in a customer service role such as with a DMC, Guiding or in Tour Operation.
· First hand knowledge of Mexico required.
· Experience leading/operating tours in Costa Rica.

Education And/or Experience

· Bachelor’s Degree (Recommended).
· Previous DMC/Tour Operator experience.
· Excellent interpersonal skills.
· High level of customer service experience required.
· Strong writing skills.
· Strong computer skills.

Language Skills

· Ability to read, write and speak Spanish and English fluently.
· French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and / or other 3rd language preferred.

Judgement/Reasoning Ability

· Use of good judgment and own initiative.
· Logical thought process.
· Ability to gauge pricing using company guidelines and personal judgment/experience.

Other Skills And Abilities

· Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and be able to handle everyday situations quickly and effectively with a Professional attitude and demeanor.
· Ability to work independently with minimal oversight.
· Able to prioritize, organize and to meet multiple deadlines.
· Strong administrative and organization skills.
· Detail oriented.
· Computer literate, Tourplan Database, Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, Power Point and internet.
· Flexible and innovative.
· Self motivated with ability to handle the excitement of a fast paced start-up company, entrepreneurial spirit is a definite asset.
· Desire to work to achieve agreed goals and objectives.
· Must be able to communicate information and ideas clearly.
· Commitment to help build market leader in Adventure/Educational/Luxury tourism in Mexico.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Generalista de Recursos Humanos (Temporal)

Propósito del Puesto

· Apoyar en tareas administrativas del área de Recursos Humanos para un cumplimiento exitoso de todos los procesos legales en relación a la Secretaría del trabajo, seguro social, y empresa.

Principales funciones

· (60%) Compensación y beneficios: Mantener actualizados los movimientos obligatorios de cada colaborador de acuerdo a la ley mexicana.

· (10%) Retención y Onboardin: Mantener ligas de comunicación abiertas con los colaboradores sobre su desempeño, políticas, cambios y planes futuros.

· (30%) Controles Internos: Mantener el registro actualizado de los archivos y movimientos de cada colaborador.



Internos: Equipo de Journey Mexico
Externos: Proveedores (Ej. papelería, suministros.)

Nivel Educativo y/o Experiencia

· Licenciatura terminada en administración de empresas o afín.
· Previa experiencia en Administración.
· Conocimientos en programas básicos de manejo de Nómina.
· Conocimientos en programas básicos de manejo de Nómina.

Habilidades Linguisticas

· Habilidad para leer, escribir y comprender Inglés.


Capacidades y Habilidades

· Capacidad para trabajar de forma independiente con supervisión mínima
· Iniciativa propia y toma de decisiones.
· Capacidad para priorizar, organizar y cumplir en tiempo y forma cada actividad designada.
· Actitud y conducta profesional
· Conocimientos en informática: Word, Excel, Outlook, Software de Nómina e internet
· Flexible e innovador
· El deseo de ayudar a construir un líder del mercado de lujo y el turismo de aventura en México

Los deberes y responsabilidades esenciales incluyen lo siguiente. Se pueden asignar otras funciones.

Candidate Application Form CR | Formato de aplicación para Candidatos CR

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