Lapa Rios Lodge

Puerto Jiménez, Osa Peninsula

Located on the tip of the wild Osa Peninsula, Lapa Rios Lodge conserves 1,000 acres of tropical lowland forest, the last in Central America. Guests come here to experience nature in its rawest form, where monkeys swing from the trees, majestic macaws soar through the sky, and poison-dart frogs flash across the rainforest floor.

Beautiful thatched-roof cabins are scattered through the pristine jungle offering opulent suites, bungalows and villas for a luxury-meets-nature experience. Guests will feel up in the treetops with extraordinary views over the canopy to the Pacific Ocean.

Ideal For: raw nature, sustainable travel, remote luxury

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The remote setting in Osa Peninsula is simply breathtaking! This is the best of both worlds as you get an authentic rainforest experience without sacrificing comfort.

Taking advantage of the complimentary on-property guided walks is a must – there´s sunrise/sunset birdwatching, beach and rainforest hikes, plus night walks to soak up the vibrant wildlife that comes out after dark. This is natural immersion done in luxury style and we love the different angles you can experience the setting from; adventure, escapism, romance, or reconnection.

Lapa Rios, a Böëna Wilderness Lodges member, was envisioned as a project with the objective to protect its endangered surroundings. Today, the 17-bungalow lodge preserves more than 1,000 acres of primary and secondary rainforest and assists in the development of the local community. Since its opening in 1993 the lodge´s incredible environment offers rainforest adventures, wildlife encounters and ocean activities, with a myriad of opportunities to connect with a truly enigmatic ecosystem. Guests can enjoy interpretive hikes, bird watching walks, and sustainability tours to connect with Osa´s wild beauty and importance.

Since its inception, Lapa Rios has pioneered conservation efforts on the Osa Peninsula. In addition to its agreement with the Corcovado Foundation, the lodge maintains a 1,000-acre private reserve and is responsible for spearheading several ongoing social and environmental initiatives with local communities. In September 2019, Lapa Rios began designing and implementing new solar and hydro energy sources. The property now features a robust system of 220 solar panels and 10 nano turbines that provide all of its energy needs, taking it 100% off the grid.

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