Nayara Tented Camp

La Fortuna, Northern Region

This luxury hotel in Costa Rica is a little different with stunning clifftop tents that bask in the grandeur of Arenal volcano. Each sophisticated tented accommodation has its own natural mineral spring-filled plunge pool and outdoor shower for luxurious relaxation amongst rainforest scenery.

The tents blend into the natural surroundings, built on stilts to optimize the incredible views and minimize the environmental footprint. Efforts to plant thousands of Cecropia trees have created a sanctuary for sloths, who can be spotted with the help of Nayara´s naturalist guides.

Ideal For: back-to-nature, relaxed luxury, eco-friendly travel

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We loved the versatility of Nayara Tented Camp, it could host a romantic escape for couples surrounded by raw nature, or a fun family trip with tons of wildlife for kids to get excited about.

Imagine taking a dreamy couple's treatment in the open-air spa with nature as a soundtrack or seeing your children's faces light up as they see a sloth hanging from the trees.

The rainforest-meets-volcano backdrop is truly magical with its trails bursting tropical flora (look out for orchids and cacao plants) and Arenal Volcano popping in and out of the scene as clouds come and go.

Nayara has put numerous initiatives in place to ensure an environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach to hospitality. There´s a big focus on recycling and re-use, with single-use plastics avoided altogether. Cans and carefully separated paper are sent to local recycling centers, cardboard boxes are reused, and when remodeling or building, excess metals are reused, recycled, or bought from a contact to be reused. Organic waste from kitchens, gardens, and other working areas is converted into fertilizer and non-compostable organic waste is used for feeding at a pig farm.

The resort works with the land´s topography, positioning its tents to maximize the heating effects of sunlight and ventilation, which minimizes the need for air conditioning and heating. Energy conserving lighting systems and water-conserving faucets are used, while Coopelesca has been chosen as an energy provider, producing 98% clean hydroelectric and solar energy. Thousands of trees have been planted where they were cut down to make a pasture by the land´s previous owner, reforesting and preserving the natural habitat for the sloths, monkeys, butterflies, and birds that can be seen on property.

The majority of Nayara´s team comes from the neighboring town of La Fortuna de San Carlos, and receives free transportation, sustainable tourism education, and health services. Other local initiatives provide free early education for the children of employees, volunteer time and financial support to Hogarcito de Ninos, a local orphanage, and support for local artists.

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