Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River

Bagaces, Guanacaste

Rio Perdido is an invitation to appreciate the beauty of nature and connect with its healing powers. Hidden in the San Bernardo Lowlands, the setting of this Costa Rica eco-hotel is a stunningly serene tropical dry forest, with a wide diversity of flora and animal species including lots of capuchin and howler monkeys!

A geothermal mineral river runs through the heart of the 600-acre reserve, offering natural warm pools for therapeutic bathing. With deep roots in wellness, guest rooms are designed to promote profound sleep, locally sourced meals created to boost vitality, and cliffside yoga pods foster a mind-body connection.

Ideal For: wellness, nature therapy, sustainable travel

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We loved taking long walks on the property´s hiking trails, spotting animals, and feeling that deep sense of inner peace that only nature can inspire. Set within a 600-acre canyon reserve, you might see all sorts of wildlife from big cats and marsupials to large reptiles and amphibians. You´ll definitely see lots of monkeys as families of howler and white-faced Capuchin monkeys have made Rio Perdido their home!

The hotel´s private zipline experience is a highlight and great for beating the crowds in the moments you´re not enjoying starry night skies and dipping in and out of thermal springs.

Rio Perdido takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to the impact of tourism on the environment and local community. The property is renowned for encompassing both tropical dry forest and a rare dwarf forest, and strives to leave this as close to its natural state as possible with the creation of their ´Zero Land Movement Policy´ a.k.a. if you can’t move it with a shovel, don’t!

 With a commitment to the importance of being present in one´s community, Rio Perdido participates in local festivals and sporting events, as well as having supported the town of San Bernardo de Bagaces in receiving its Blue Flag Certification Award for providing environmental education and improving accessibility. 90% of the hotel´s employees are from the Bagaces area and neighboring towns, providing residents with meaningful work and permanent salaries.

Operational efforts include waste management, with a system for recycling organic waste, and vegetable and fat residues that are used at a local pig farm. Additionally, a water treatment program is in place, enabling the recovery of wastewater which is used for watering Rio Perdido´s gardens.

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