The Springs Resort & Spa

La Fortuna, Northern Region

High up on a mountain ridge, this stunning luxury resort in Costa Rica features a big, beautiful pavilion and tiered cascading swimming pools, with sensational views over the Arenal valley and magnificent eponymous volcano. The 165-acre property grants guests access to natural hot springs, a mile long stretch of the Arenal River and an animal sanctuary with amazing Costa Rican wildlife living in their natural habitat.

A choice of guest suites enjoys chalet-esque wooden interiors that feel cozy and luxurious, some with private terraces or balconies, outdoor hot tubs, and stunning views of Arenal Volcano. The resort has its own Club Rio Adventure Center with activities like river tubing, kayaking, horseback riding and rock climbing available all in one place.

Ideal For: spectacular views, luxury resort, family adventure

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The sight of Arenal volcano in all its glory just never gets old! As the highest hotel in the area, views at The Springs are incomparable. There´s something magical about waiting for the conical giant to come out from behind the cloud and being rewarded by its majesty when it does.

We loved wandering the hiking trails that lead to gorgeous and secluded natural hot springs close to the river. The mineral pools vary in heat and surroundings, making it fun to explore and find your favorite, from plunging waterfalls, river and volcano views, to quiet forest scenes and crystal blue water.

The Springs is proud to support the Costa Rican Environmental Ministry´s mission to care for rescued wildlife that have been injured or held illegally. On-site, the hotel´s adventure center features an animal sanctuary that provides a large array of wildlife that could no longer survive in the wild a chance to live in natural habitats, and as a result encourage their instinctual behaviors. 

As part of the mission, guests can visit the sanctuary and learn about the animals that live there as well as the challenges they face as their natural habitats are destroyed or invaded. This is important in educating about the balance between humans and nature that must exist in Costa Rica and the world.

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