Luxury Travel Insider Podcast: Costa Rica Family Adventures 

There’s something magical about traveling as a family. Connecting generations through experiences is one of the most fulfilling things we do – we get to help create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime! When asked to appear on the Luxury Travel Insider Podcast Costa Rica episode about family travel, our co-founder Javier Echecopar jumped at the chance, and he took a very special guest with him to share her unique perspective, his teenage daughter, Fiore. The pair chatted to Sarah Groen, podcast host and CEO of Bell and Bly Travel, about why Costa Rica might just be the best place for family vacations on the planet. 

Javier first traveled to Costa Rica with his wife and two kids on a road trip in 2021. They were so taken by the country’s adventurous spirit and deep connection with nature, that they packed up their life in New York and moved to Guanacaste. Fast forward to the present and Journey Costa Rica has just celebrated a year of designing and operating creative, highly personalized trips that push the boundaries of what luxury travel can be in Costa Rica. 

Listen to this exciting Costa Rica episode of the Luxury Insider Podcast to unveil Javier’s tips on going beyond the country’s iconic destinations as a family, where to get the ultimate sense of wild, and how we design our trips to have a long-lasting impact, plus get Fiore’s thoughts on her favorite experiences for kids and teens, and how the younger generation is getting involved in Costa Rica’s artistic scene.   

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Ready for a family adventure in Costa Rica? 

If you’re interested in visiting Costa Rica with children, contact travel expert (and podcast host!), Sarah Groen and start customizing our Costa Rica family itinerary to your clan’s travel style!