Brand New You

Wellness, Transformation, Self-Exploration.

Brand New You map


  • Day 1
    Arrival to Guanacaste
  • Day 2
    Sunrise Yoga
  • Day 3
    Release with Breathwork
  • Day 4
    Wellness Session
  • Day 5
    Water Healing
  • Day 6
    Breathwork & Yoga
  • Day 7
    Time to Unwind
  • Day 8

Day 1

Arrival to Guanacaste & Circle Ceremony

Overnight: Blue Spirit Retreat Center

Arriving to Guanacaste, transfer to the Blue Spirit Retreat Center, set on a hilltop looking over the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile paradise beach. Cleanse your body and mind with a dip in the crystal Pacific Ocean on a stretch of white sands just for you.

To begin your healing journey, take part in a circle ceremony where you’ll learn the art of intention setting, how to tap into your deepest needs, and how to introduce these exercises to your daily life.

Day 2

Sunrise Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing

Overnight: Blue Spirit Retreat Center

Start the day taking a yoga class with our wellness expert, Jenifer, guiding you through a practice that uses somatic awareness tools, deep stretching, longer holds and guided visualization to feel and release tension from the mind and body. Through the years, Jenifer has studied numerous disciplines to a high level, including Transpersonal Psychology (Bachelors), Wisdom Studies (Masters), Yoga Therapeutics (1500 hrs), and Astrology (Level 3), as well as leading group projects in transparent communication with a focus on cultural and ancestral trauma.

After breakfast, learn about the ancient practice of meditation with an introductory session, learning how to bring this practice into everyday life, and why.

This afternoon, explore the healing qualities of sound and allow your brain to enter a state of deep relaxation on a sonic journey made up of high alchemy instruments, tones, and beats. Finish the day with a conscious journaling exercise, tapping into your stream of consciousness and writing freely. This training tool helps to empower intuitive access to your potential, while relieving stress and cultivating self-love.

Day 3

Release with Breathwork, Communication & Consciousness

Overnight: Blue Spirit Retreat Center

This morning, participate in a guided breathwork session based on the teachings of Stan Grof, the father of Holotropic breathing. This transformative practice is carefully guided to create the perfect atmosphere for deep release.

After breakfast, participate in a workshop of guided exercises to discover the fundamentals of transparent communication, the relational field, the pain body, and how we create our own reality.

Later, take a guided meditation before entering a consciousness eating dinner, engaging in exercises to explore what food means to you, how you eat, and how you can stay present in your body.

Day 4

Morning Wellness Session, Spa & Evening Ceremony

Overnight: Nayara Tented Camp

Enjoy a guided morning session combining breathwork, stretching and meditation to wake up the body and clear the mind.

Transfer to Nayara and relax with lunch and a spa treatment before getting ready for the evening’s workshop. Bring the healing power of vibration and sound into your daily life as you’re guided through a prayer to Mother Earth, humming, toning, and mantra practice.

Day 5

water healing & Transformational Workshop

Overnight: Nayara Tented Camp

Sleep-in to the sounds of nature before invigorating your body with a hot spring and cold plunge experience. Embrace water´s healing powers as you alternate between temperatures while using pranayama style breathwork to tune the body and mind.

A typical Costa Rican lunch will be hosted by a local family to get you ready for the afternoon’s workshop at Nayara. This transformational session involves transparent communication practice, mandala creation, a movement meditation, and sound healing.

Day 6

Breathwork & Yoga

Overnight: Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo

Release physical and mental tension with a final breathwork and yoga session at Nayara before taking a private transfer to the Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo.

Enjoy some R&R at this beautiful resort, blessed with two golden-sand beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, and four swimming pools for guests relax and recharge.

Day 7

Time to Unwind & Integration Ceremony

Overnight: Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo

The day is yours to reflect, rest, or simply unwind in the resort´s luxurious setting.

An evening ceremony will help you to integrate the week´s experiences and identify a personal focus to take forward, using transparent communication, and vision boards.

Day 8

Departure from Liberia Airport

It´s departure day from Peninsula Papagayo after a transformative week. You´ll take a final transfer to Liberia Airport (LIR) to catch your connecting flight home.



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