5 Ways to Explore the Wonders of Costa Rica’s Coastlines

Our relentless in-country exploration has unveiled some remarkable people and places that we love sharing with our travelers. One of our favorite elements of Costa Rica`s glorious landscapes is the coastline, and the endless ways you can explore it. Watching sunset colors wash over a secret wild beach; collaborating with turtle conservationists on remote shores; jumping into deep blue waters from a private yacht anchored in a hidden tropical bay – it’s moments like these that our guests remember forever.

Exercising creativity is at the heart of the process when we’re crafting Journey Costa Rica’s travel experiences, tweaking details, and reinventing the norm. Keep reading to see our versions of adventure and luxury on the coast. 

Nature, Beach Lounge and Sunset: Remote Escape with Dinner 

Guanacaste’s famous golden beaches, eternal sunshine and Pacific waters make for the perfect beach day, and this is our favorite way to get away from the bustle in style. There’s nothing like a remote beach to help you truly disconnect. We’ll whisk you away to secluded sands where a beautiful lounge has been set up just for you with sling chairs, plush mattresses, umbrellas and a canopy. Put on your favorite tunes, recline with a drink in hand and let the rhythm of crashing waves serenade your senses as you indulge in a day of leisure. Whether you’re taking a dip in the ocean, playing beach games, or basking in the sun’s warm embrace, each moment is a celebration of the finer things in life. Gather for an unforgettable beachfront dinner and wine as the magical sunset hour rolls around, curated by your chef, before an easy private transfer back to your hotel. 

private remote beach club setup in costa rica
private remote beach club setup in costa rica

Islas Murciélagos: Overnight Catamaran to a Secluded Island

Dive into an extraordinary, overnight adventure at Islas Murciélagos, an archipelago of remote islands on Costa Rica´s northern Pacific coast near Guanacaste. Step off-the-beaten-path and aboard your private catamaran, taking in breathtaking coastal views on the way to Bat Island along with insights into local history and wildlife from the crew. Enjoy a guided nature walk and get immersed in captivating natural wonders like unique flora and fauna, and intriguing geological formations that speak to a storied past. Gear up for an unforgettable snorkeling session, revealing a vibrant underwater world teeming with life. As day transforms into evening, delight in a tasty dinner served on deck against the backdrop of a mesmerizing Pacific sunset. Gaze up to the stars while anchored off a secluded bay and retire to a comfy onboard bedroom to drift asleep to the gentle rhythm of ocean waves. 

bat island exploration

Underwater Gardening: Caring For Corals 

Did you know that coral reefs are said to be the “rainforests of the sea”? While reefs cover just 1% of the ocean floor, they support an incredible 25% of all marine life. We´ve got an opportunity for you to have fun and make a positive impact while on vacation, joining forces with a remarkable restoration project on the beautiful Papagayo Peninsula that strives to regenerate lost coral reefs. We’ll take you out on a boat to the Guiri Guiri Reef, a coral colony that’s suffered substantial damage, where you’ll help with a number of restorative activities. Clean newly planted baby coral to help them grow and thrive until they can survive on their own, cut small adult coral pieces from nurseries that will be transplanted, and attach coral fragments to help repair and revitalize this endangered reef. Down on the Osa Peninsula, meet the professionals behind another non-profit organization who’ll take you below the water to discover the amazing world of corals, learn about the importance of coral reefs in our ecosystem, and the initiatives in place to keep them safe. 

coral reef costal exploration in costa rica
coral reef costal exploration in costa rica

Turtle Patrol and Release on the Osa Peninsula 

The Osa Peninsula is celebrated for its incredible biodiversity and sense of wildness, including an icon of the underwater world, the sea turtle! Meet a local conservation team and join them for an early morning beach patrol to protect threatened sea turtle nests. Your experts will make sure you’re well versed in sea turtle ecology and preservation before getting hands-on at the hatchery, where you can help release tiny turtles, contributing to the 10,000+ babies they protect each year. Alternatively, take a night walk on the beach with the team that patrols Playa Preciosa, helping to take biometric measurements of the turtles, evaluate their health, and record the number of turtles that are nesting so far. This is a crucial part of conservation work that helps to preserve the four species of sea turtles that nest around the Osa Peninsula. 

Humpbacks, Dolphins and Whale Sharks in Golfo Dulce  

Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce is hugged by the Osa Peninsula as part of the country’s southern coastline. The sheltered gulf is home to two species of playful resident dolphins and is a natural nursery site for the seasonal humpback whales who come to birth and raise their youngsters in warm, tropical waters from July to November. We’ll take your cruising through the gulf’s tranquil waters to some wonderful snorkeling spots right in front of Piedras Blancas, one of Costa Rica’s National Parks. Along the way, your mission is to spot whales and dolphins with the help of your captain – bonus points for sightings of fin slapping, breaching and fluke flipping! The Golfo Dulce also plays host to the gentle giants of the sea, whale sharks, between April and May. These majestic creatures are as huge as they are docile, with a maximum length of up to 60 feet. Learn all about this fascinating fish with the opportunity for a close-up encounter – truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

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