Relentless Exploration: Where We’ve Been and What We Love

At Journey Costa Rica, relentless exploration is the baseline for designing our innovative travel adventures and hand-selecting the hotels and villas that go into our guests´ personalized trips. Our team regularly gets out and about across the country, testing, tweaking, and creating so we can show you what we think luxury travel in Costa Rica can and should be. We love curating bespoke itineraries for our travelers; every request is an opportunity to use our creativity, tap into firsthand experience, and share our insider knowledge. 

We caught up with the JCR team for the latest on where they´ve been and what they love. Read on to get their insights. 



Costa Rica wouldn´t be Costa Rica without its spectacular natural world; and as one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, there´s plenty of opportunity to meet its fascinating animals and plant species. We believe that responsible travel has the power to positively impact the environment and the people it touches. Through helping our guests make a personal connection with Costa Rica´s communities, ecosystems, and natural life, we seek to spark a sense of wonder. Imagine the awe of flying above thick jungle canopy on a zipline with nobody else around, the excitement of spotting weird and wonderful nocturnal creatures in the forest, and the indulgence of relaxing in mineral-rich hot springs powered by a mighty volcano, pampered by nature. These moments of connection can change perspectives and ignite the impulse to protect our amazing planet. 

See how nature played a role in our teams´ travels: 

Sindy, Travel Planner:     “Night walks are a must in any of Costa Rica´s destinations! I got to go on one in Arenal and it´s amazing to see another side of nature come to life after the sun´s gone down.” 

Sally, Operations Coordinator:     “Recently I had the opportunity to stay at both Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa and Nayara Springs, as well as enjoy a variety of activities while exploring the region. What I loved the most was feeling so immersed in nature. No matter where you are staying or what adventure you have embarked on, you are always surrounded by nature.” 

Catalina, Sales Assistant:     “At Pacuare Lodge, I loved being able to sleep soundly in such a comfortable and remote setting. The sound of the river in the background at night was so peaceful.” 


Local People 

The people you meet during a trip can often leave a lasting impression. We love how exchanges, both planned and spontaneous, show different ways of thinking and responding to the world; the warmth and stories of local people stay with you long after the trip ends. We love facilitating genuine human connection through our travel adventures, read about our team´s experiences below:  

Sindy, Travel Planner:     “Visiting Proyecto Asis Wildlife Sanctuary was an eye opener; seeing how humans interact with wildlife and how important it is to just let nature be. I felt inspired to learn how people are working hard to protect different kinds of animals, and I loved meeting Arenal´s locals – friendly, conscious and charismatic people.” 

Sally, Operations Coordinator:    We visited Doña Priscilla while staying in Arenal,  a wonderful local who opens her home to you and shares traditional recipes. Spending an evening cooking with her will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, not to miss!” 



We know there´s luxury in truly great service; the fine art of intuitively knowing when to step in and when to give space, how to join up the dots without stepping on toes, and how to make guests feel at home in distant lands. Service is a foundational pillar for Journey Costa Rica; from designing your itinerary to the in-country experience itself, from our travel planners to our expert guides, we want to make your trip easy and supportive. 

Tatiana, Sales Assistant:“At Hacienda AltaGracia, the “compas” were so helpful and attentive – every guest is assigned one of these dedicated designers to coordinate experiences during their stay. Although I personally found some of the activities challenging, the guides gave me the confidence and support I needed to fully enjoy them.” 

Sally, Operations Coordinator:    “Everyone we crossed paths with was kind and welcoming; eager to share their stories and the history of Arenal. The staff at Nayara Springs and our tour guides were passionate about where they live and what they do, constantly finding ways to go above and beyond to make sure you´ll feel the same way at the end of your stay.” 

team jcr pacuare



After relentlessly exploring, product designing, testing and making improvements, we´re ready to share our travel experiences and hand-selected accommodations portfolio with you. Using our bank of firsthand knowledge and listening to our traveler´s needs and preferences, we connect guests with the hotels, villas, and meaningful experiences we think will make for an unforgettable itinerary. We asked the team for their impressions of the places they recently visited: 

Sally, Operations Coordinator: “I would recommend Arenal to anyone who wants to combine relaxation and adventure in one place. When you visit Arenal you can spend the morning on exciting adventures, like rappelling down waterfalls or flying across canopy lines, and then return to your luxurious hotel for a dip in the pool or an afternoon in the spa.” 

Starling, Travel Planner:Nosara fits for families who are searching for less crowded locations without being too remote, offering a variety of houses and villas that are still within walking distance of the beach, shops, and restaurants.” 

Ivan, Operations Manager:     Pacuare Lodge is well suited to clients who seek action and adventure – the activities are for people with a good fitness level – without cutting back on luxury.”


Insider Tips 

Our in-country team´s relentless exploration also enables us to make live observations, sharing insider tips on how to maximize your time in Costa Rica, and what not to miss: 

Starling, Travel Planner:     “Be sure to visit Huacas Restaurant at Tierra Magnifica while in the Nosara area – Chef Paulo Valerios combines local flavors in spectacular dishes.”

Ivan, Operations Manager:    “For those staying at Pacuare Lodge, arriving to and leaving the hotel by river rafting is an absolute highlight – do it if you can!” 

Sally, Operations Coordinator:     Proyecto Asis is a must while in Arenal!! A behind-the-scenes volunteering experience with people who are committed to helping animals is something unique and precious. You cannot miss out.” 



The transformative power of travel is part of what makes it so inspiring! We asked our team to describe how their experiences made them feel in three words, these came up the most… 




Get in touch with our travel planners to start designing your own trip. Journey Costa Rica´s website is a great resource to get inspired with our example itineraries, and to browse hotels and villas in Costa Rica. Let us know what interests you and we’ll design something tailor-made to your travel style.